In Deformac, we evolve daily with the desire to improve, striving to further our business so that all of our customers are happy with the service provided.

Perseverance, dynamism and the quality of our production process are the qualities that ensure we are a leading company in the sector.



The basis of Deformac’s policy of action is to guarantee the customer an efficient service that responds with excellence to the highest demands of quality, always taking into account the respect towards the environment.

We constantly renew both facilities and machinery and means of transport and distribution in order to comply with the work and deadlines.

In this way and to this day, Deformac has an area of 30,000 m2, of which 12,000 m2 are covered; a space designed to adapt the service to the demands of current demand.



In Deformac, we are specialists, since 1987, in the manufacture and marketing of steel profiles and accessories for enclosures of industrial and residential buildings. Located in the Banyeres de Mariola industrial estate (Alicante), it covers the entire national market.

The experience accumulated in its more than 25 years of experience has made Deformac aware of the importance of offering a specialized service, which has led to the evolution of the company, renewing and expanding our future prospects to present to the market the widest range of possibilities in terms of steel fabrication..

The range of products manufactured by Deformac has the maximum guarantees in terms of performance and reliability..



The most important for the fulfillment of the objectives both of the client and internally is the coordination of all the departments involved in the productive activity of Deformac.

Cutting-edge technology, managed by qualified professionals and subjected to exhaustive quality controls in each phase of the production process to generate maximum confidence in those who demand our services.



Deformac works with the most advanced technology, systematically updating its machinery to obtain the best quality in the final product.

In addition, the facilities are a great potential for the company, since they have the capacity, dimensions and suitability of the ships to achieve a high level of performance that translates into results for customers.



To prevent the deterioration of the environment and pollution, guidelines have been established that, from their origin, have led Deformac to a total commitment to respect the environment.

These guidelines have been applied through the use of high quality raw materials, the most advanced technology and the specific processes of recycling and savings.