Deformac works with raw materials classified in steel as top quality materials


Base steel
Base steel S235JR according to standards:
-UNE-EN 10025. Hot-rolled steel products for structures.
-UNE-EN 10051. Uncoated, hot-rolled, continuous alloyed and non-alloyed steel sheets, strips and reels. Dimensional and shape tolerances.

Hot-dip galvanised steel

Hot-dip galvanised steel DX51D and S280GD according to standards:
-UNE-EN 10346. Hot-dip continuous coated steel flat products. Technical supply conditions.
-UNE-EN 10143. Hot-dip continuous metal-coated steel sheets and strips. Dimensional and shape tolerances.

Lacquer-coated steel

Lacquer-coated galvanised steel according to standard:
-UNE-EN 10169. Flat steel products, continuous coated in organic matter.

With the following finishes:
-Polyester (SP). Ideal coating for indoor and outdoor applications with normal not very polluted conditions and not very aggressive marine environment.
-Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures.
-Polyvinyl chloride plastisol (PVC (P)). Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion.


Products manufactured according to standard:
-UNE-EN 988.  Zinc and zinc alloys. Specifications for flat hot-rolled products for construction.


Products manufactured according to standard:
-UNE-EN 1172. Copper and copper alloys. Sheets and strips for building.


All Deformac products are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications and standards in force

EN 14509

Self-supporting double-sided insulating sandwich panels. Factory-made products Specifications.

For the following panels:

– Cover panel DF-C3G
– Facade panel DF-FN (Nervado)
– Facade panel DF-FM (Micro-perforated)
– Facade panel DF-FL (Smooth)
– Classic tile panel
– Dune tile panel

EN 612 – EN 1462

Eaves gutters with rigid fronts with flange and rainwater downpipes with welded joints of sheet metal.

Supports for gutters. Requirements and test methods.

For the following products:

– Rain gutter model Redondo 285
– Rain gutter model Spain 333
– Rain gutter accessories

EN 1013

Profiled translucent plastic plates for single layer covers. Part 1: General requirements and test methods.

– For all lighting profiles.

EN 13162

Thermal insulating products for building applications. Manufactured products of mineral wool (MW). Specification.

– For the insulation of glass wool.

EN 13163

Thermal insulating products for building applications. Manufactured products of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Specification.

– For expanded polystyrene insulation.


All Deformac products are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications and standards in force

Compulsory regulation

Regulations and Instructions:

– RITE. Regulation of thermal installations in buildings and their complementary technical instructions ITE.
– EHE. Structural concrete instruction.
– EFHE. Instruction for the project and the execution of unidirectional structural concrete slabs made with prefabricated elements.
-NCSE-02. Seismic construction standard part general part and building.

Technical Building Code (CTE):

– Basic Document SE. Structural safety – Bases of calculation
– Basic Document SE-AE. Structural Security – Actions in the building
– Basic Document SE-C. Structural safety – Foundations
– Basic Document SE-A. Structural safety – Steel
– Basic Document SE-F. Structural safety – Factory
– Basic Document SE-M. Structural safety – Wood
– Basic Document SI. Security in case of fire
– SUA Basic Document. Security of use and access
– HS Basic Document. Healthiness
– Basic Document HE. Energy saving
– Basic Document HR. Protection against noise

Technical recommendations

Technological Standards of the Building (NTE):

– NTE-A. Earthworks
– NTE-C. Foundations
– NTE-E. Structures
– NTE-F. Facades
– NTE-I. Facilities
– NTE-P. Partitions
– NTE-Q. Covers
– NTE-R. Coatings

Structural Eurocodes:

– Eurocode 0. Project bases (UNE-EN 1990)
– Eurocode 1. Actions on structures (UNE-EN 1991)
– Eurocode 2. Concrete structure project (UNE-EN 1992)
– Eurocode 3. Steel structures project (UNE-EN 1993)
– Eurocode 4. Project of mixed steel and concrete structures (UNE-EN 1994)
– Eurocode 5. Project of wooden structures (UNE-EN 1995)
– Eurocode 6. Factory structure project (UNE-EN 1996)
– Eurocode 7. Geotechnical project (UNE-EN 1997)
– Eurocode 8. Project of structures against earthquake (UNE-EN 1998)
– Eurocode 9. Project of aluminum structures (UNE-EN 1999)